POD 008 BONUS: Carlos Almonte – Editor and Director – Editing Philosophy

Here’s a little bonus clip – this one is short I promise! only 10 min! It didnt end up making it into part since part 2 was getting long.
After we wrapped our chat (for Part 2), Carlos and I continued to chat and he wanted to make some things clear about his philosophy on editing.

Here it is. Enjoy.

POD 008: Carlos Almonte – Editor and Director – Part 2

DP Vitaly Bokser continues his interview with Carlos Almonte about his current career editing and now directing commercials, music videos and shorts.

Carlos has worked with filmmakers like Error Morris (Think) to huge name talent like Tom Hanks (Boatlift Doc). So for those links check below. He has always been on both sides of the creative process – whether right by the camera as a director or even a cinematographer or in post by an editing system. In all that time he has always been telling stories.

I have known Carlos for a long time and he is definitely a driven, strong willed, full of vision director and editor, and I do absolutely look forward to seeing what he can accomplish in the years to come. So Carlos if you’re reading this – make a feature!

Links to Carlos’ Directorial Work:

“My Sweet Radio” Julian James – Music Video
My Sweet Radio – We Play only a part of it in the podcast, watch the whole thing here.

My Sweet Radio from Jullian Records on Vimeo.

“Lint” Short Film

‘Lint’ Short Film Trailer from Motion Blur on Vimeo.

“Boundless” Varick – Music Video

“Zip Aviation” Commercial

ZIP Aviation Commercial from Vitaly Bokser on Vimeo.

Links to Carlos’ Editorial Work:

BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

IBM Think Forum: Errol Morris & Sir Howard Stringer

Lopez vs. Ortiz: Fight Recap

Red Cross: Haiti 2 Year Anniversary After the Earthquake

POD 007: Carlos Almonte – Editor and Director – Part 1

DP Vitaly Bokser interviews Carlos Almonte about his long career editing and now directing commercials, music videos and shorts.

Carlos started out as a teenager making films with his friends running around Brooklyn with Toy AK’s painted black, stuffed with batteries for weight, shooting Action Sci-Fi Films that he then sold on Fangoria type magazines – all by the time he was 14. This was the 90’s so there was no internet the way we know it today. Editing was also a black art and considered as much back in that day. When Final Cut came out and he was able to move clips in a timeline – his future was set. The magic had become something he could do at home now.

In this podcast we cover his professional career working at big networks and on a large projects. Carlos has worked with people like Tom Hanks and Error Morris and clients such as ABC, Ogilvy, and Showtime.  This will be a 2 part Episode. Part 1 covering his past. Part 2 covering his present, editing work and directing work.

Below are just a few links to his work. More will be in Part 2.

My Sweet Radio – We Play only a part of it in the podcast, watch the whole thing here.

My Sweet Radio from Jullian Records on Vimeo.

BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

More to come in Episode 2.

POD 006: Richard Lemay – Director

I Interview Richard Lemay about his long career shooting independent features.

Richard had his start as an Actor and transitioned himself into directing. In fact he started directing, shooting, and cutting his own films. One of his first films had enormous success called “200 American”.  His latest film and fifth film – called “Bloodline” starring new comer Eden Brolin, and yes she is Josh Brolin’s daughter, is a star to watch. Other cast include new comer Ross Wellinger, and Eric Nelson who has been in “A Walk Amongst The Tombstones” and “Blacklist” – these two are also ones to watch as they are making the rounds and gave superb performances in “Bloodline”.

His Previous film “Naked As We Came” garnered strong support and made the rounds at festivals across the country winning lots of awards along the way. Here is a trailer from that film. It is available to watch on Netflix or Amazon.

A clip of rough cut of one scene from “Bloodline” is actually in the podcast so go there to see that.

Other films from Richard:

Children of God (He Produced)

and one of his first films – 200 American:

POD 005: John Scholl – Story Producer

I Interview John Michael Scholl about his long career in the TV biz.

John got into the business in the classic Hollywood style we read about in stories. He made his way from a small town to LA with only his car – a 66 Mustang, some clothes, and $500 bucks in cash. After living in his car for a week and showering at Santa Monica beach he decided to get in touch with his Aunt. She got him on a set for a day where she worked and the rest as they say is history. A chance encounter with Kevin Spacey trying to kick him off the lot led to Kevin getting a job for John with Ian McKellen. Yes the Ian McKellen. Gandalf!

John has worked on a multitude of reality and TV documentaries, ranging from The Bachelorette to Nat Geo’s “Border Wars” to CNN’s “The Hunt with John Walsh”.

So check out the episode to hear more and below you can find some links to John’s work that we discuss.

1) CNN’s “The Hunt with John Walsh”

2) Nat Geo’s “Border Wars” (note: I couldnt find the promo but here is what an episode looks like)

3) Travel Channels “Hotel Impossible”

4) ABC’s “The Bachelorette”

POD 004: Evan Mathew Weinstein – Director

I chat with Evan Mathew Weinstein, Writer/Director of “Leaving Circadia”. A Feature film that has been making the rounds at festival circuits and garnering strong praise and recognition for its easily lovable story. The FIlm stars Evan Mathew Weinstein, Drew Seltzer, Reginald Huc, Zack Griffiths, Larisa Polonsky, Michael Cerveris (Fringe, Tony Winner), Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), Christian Coulson (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ), Joseph R. Gannascoli (The Sopranos), Stoya (Adult Film Star)

Evan and I go into detail on the process of making the movie, what lesson he’s learned from shooting his first film, the pitfalls of having a long post production process, and then hitting the festival circuit – to now finally being in discussions with distributors to sell the film.

Its hard making movies – and one thing is clear from my chat with Evan that he will make more films. And I for one want to work with Evan again as his Cinematographer as he is a talented writer/actor/director that clearly has a strong vision for his films.

Watch the Trailer below. And then head on over to the films facebook page to learn more about how you can support and watch the film.

POD 003: Joe Eckardt – Director – Part 02

In Part 02 of my interview with Joe Eckardt we continue our discussion about the films he’s made and whats he’s working on now.

The films we cover are listed below and you can buy several of them now. The ones not in post! Links included.

1. “Pizza Man
Starring: Frankie Muniz, Dallas Page, Shelley Long, David H. Lawrence XVII, Corbin Bernsen, Michael Gross, Terry Rhoads, Ashley Parker Angel, Adam West, Stan Lee, Roddy Piperm and many more.

Pizza Man Exclusive NY Comic Con Trailer from Rock On! Films on Vimeo.

2. “Extinction: Patient Zero” Trailer
Starring: Corin Nemec, Rebecca Blumhagen, Nick Stevenson, William D. Coleman

3. “Other Plans”
Starring: Jamie KennedyMalik YobaJoseph R. GannascoliRebecca BlumhagenMichael KostroffRoddy PiperThomas Beaudoin.’

“OTHER PLANS” – Trailer from Rock On! Films on Vimeo.

4.  “I Ride Alone” Teaser for Fund Raising

I Ride Alone Teaser from Rock On! Films on Vimeo.

More episodes are coming!

Hi guys part 2 of Joe’s Interview is close to being ready. sorry for the delay. Expect it by this Thursday.

And from now on every Monday you’ll have a new podcast! Thats will be my attempt to stick to a weekly schedule. So starting February 9th it’ll show up right in your feed every Monday like fresh morning coffee and rescue you from the dreary 9 to 5 (not that I know what that is anymore but I do recall a lot of crying.).

POD 002: Joe Eckardt – Director – Part 01

I Interview Joe Eckardt about his long career in the film business. Starting out as a PA he worked his way up fairly quickly to working under some of hollywoods biggest actors, Nicolas Cage, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Val Kilmer. From that point on he went onto direct his own films and casting known talent basically at the onset of his directing career.

The films we cover here are and whats great is you can go buy them. Links included.

1. “Dreaming in Black and White” – One of his only shorts starring Malik Yoba

2. Champion, a doc about Danny Trejo.

champion. Trailer from Rock On! Films on Vimeo.

3. “High Hopes” which is a stoner type comedy with a long list of cast members we all know, Jason Mewes, Corin Nemec, David Faustino, Lacey Chabert, Edward Furlong, and the list goes on.

High Hopes Trailer from Rock On! Films on Vimeo.

4. “Yitzy” is short film he shot starring Jason Mewes and Alexis Suarez.

Yitzy from 3P’s Productions on Vimeo.

5. Lastly for this first part we touch upon “Pizza Man“, a superhero kids comedy, starring Frankie Muniz but really we delve into it in part 2 next week.

Pizza Man Exclusive NY Comic Con Trailer from Rock On! Films on Vimeo.

In each of these films Joe has managed to sell each film and bring an insight into the other-side of filmmaking that most indie filmmakers ignore – The Business side! Selling movies.

In Part 02 we continue our discussion with Joe and go further into how he got and made Pizza Man, a 2.5 million dollar film Joe Produced and Directed. We also discuss our latest film that we co-produced called “Other Plans” starring Jamie Kennedy.

“OTHER PLANS” – Trailer from Rock On! Films on Vimeo.

So for all those who care about such things have a listen and Im sure you’ll enjoy this POD.

Music for the podcast provided by www.bensound.com. Check him out.