So Ive decided to change up the format a bit. I love interviewing filmaker’s and have 3 more podcasts already recorded, but from now on this podcast will branch out and will be about film, business, reviews and hacking. The strange one on the list – hacking! For those who don’t know my background is engineering and I think a good mix of film and hacking is what my passion is. Luckily that hacking focuses mostly on my new startup for film equipment… lots of stuff in the works… stay tuned I’m sure you guys will actually love it as it still relates heavily to film.

More episodes are coming!

Hi guys part 2 of Joe’s Interview is close to being ready. sorry for the delay. Expect it by this Thursday.

And from now on every Monday you’ll have a new podcast! Thats will be my attempt to stick to a weekly schedule. So starting February 9th it’ll show up right in your feed every Monday like fresh morning coffee and rescue you from the dreary 9 to 5 (not that I know what that is anymore but I do recall a lot of crying.).

Ok some more podcasting interviews coming up

Here are two more interviews in the works so stay tuned.

One with Director Even Mathew Weinstein and one with John M. Scholl.

Evan directed and wrote “Leaving Circadia“. I shot the film for him and as with all great filmmakers I work with I’m leaching onto Evan as I’m sure he’ll do great things in the coming years. He’s an exceptional Writer and Director and “Leaving Circadia” is a testament to his abilities as his first foray into feature film making.  Heres the trailer for “Leaving Circadia” to get your beaks wet.


John will be up in February but he’s a talented Writer and Producer of multiple tv shows. Just to name a few hes worked on – “The Hunt for CNN with John Walsh” which I worked with him on as well (yes folks Im going to the well here). Hes done “Border Wars”,  “Evacuate Earth” and “How to Survive the End of the World” for Nat Geo, “Hotel Impossible” for Travel,  and many more.  We’ll get into how he became a story producer for multiple production companies and what ambitions he has for the future.

Another Filmmaker Podcast… Oh Boy

So Ive decided after many moons to start my podcast finally. It has been a long journey to get to here. Years in fact. But now that Ive been doing this for a while (meaning being a working Cinematographer) I feel like maybe I do have something to share with folks that may be useful or interesting. Also I feel like I can just simply learn a lot from other filmmakers as I chat with them, about what they have done and what they have learned and what they are doing now. And hopefully we can share something useful with you.

The First Podcast (a video Podcast) has been recorded and will be uploaded soon to all the places I can get it. But to start you off my first guest will be none other than my own brother (I went straight to the well). He is a filmmaker and more specifically an amazing animator who has worked in commercials and narrative films, and now makes games in Austin. His name is David Bokser and you can read about him on his site. His twitter is @dbokser where you can follow him.

As usual you can follow me on @cinemaDP and hit me up on twitter if you have any suggestions for shows or just want to say hello.